Monday, January 30, 2012

Nasturei pentru papusi / Buttons for dolls

Cum nu eram multumita cu margelele, m-am apucat sa modelez nasturei pentru papusi ca Barbie si Evi. Ei sunt subtiri de circa 1 mm si au cam 3-4 mm diametru. M-am jucat putin si cu ideea de cane in fimo. Asa au iesit nasturii ciclam cu puncte albe :)
Sunt atat de migalos de facut!... Micronasturei!
As I was not happy with the beads, I began to model little buttons for dolls like Barbie and Evi. They are like 1 mm thin and about 3-4 mm wide. I played a little with the idea of fimo cane. That is how I made those cyclamen buttons with small white spots.
They are so painstakingly to make!... Microbuttons!

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